OKBet Betting Tips for LoL Worlds 2022 | Play in amazing game on Friday, September 30

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ESB returns with free OKBet Betting Tips League of Legends World Championship 2022 play-in predictions for three matches. Our picks for Evil Geniuses versus LOUD, Saigon Buffalo against Isurus, and DetonatioN FocusMe vs Chiefs Esports Club are as follows.

OKBet Betting Tips

Best Chances:
LOUD $4.33 at OKBet | EG $1.20 at OKBet
When: 30 September 2022 | 16:00 CDT
Live Streaming: OKBet, Twitch

Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki, the Evil Geniuses’ starting ADC on OKBet Betting Tips, has opted to forego the League of Legends World Championship due to personal reasons. In his place, Evil Geniuses has chosen academy ADC Muhammed Hasan “Kaori” entürk, an obvious downgrade, although he won’t necessarily make Evil Geniuses worse.

Despite Danny’s several great performances in the 2022 season at OKBet Betting Tips, Evil Geniuses have more than enough star power in other areas to win games. On the other hand, Danny’s absence may aid EG since they won’t have to pick for their bottom lane and can instead concentrate on the top side.

We don’t know whether it is the best strategy since we don’t know how the Worlds meta will evolve; nonetheless, the point is that we wouldn’t dismiss Evil Geniuses because of one absent player. However, even if they are playing a lesser area club, we would not gamble on them at $1.20.

There are no poor teams in the OKBet LoL World Championship, so there’s something to be said about LOUD and their prospects of defeating the home fan favorites, who weren’t very convincing in the summer split. In general, backing skilled underdogs in the first round of international competitions is the smart bet, and we’ll apply similar thinking here.


  • SB $1.40 at OKBet | Isurus $2.75 at OKBet are the best odds.
  • When: 30 September 2022 | 17:00 CDT
  • Live Streaming: OKBet, Twitch

It took a few weeks, but Saigon Buffalo’s whole roster received visa approval, which means we’ll see a Vietnamese OKBet LoL esports team on the Worlds stage for the first time since 2019. Now that they’re back on the big stage, Saigon Buffalo will try to qualify for the main event, and despite the outright betting odds, they have a good chance of doing so.

We have a lot of respect for Vietnamese teams because they constantly come up and are highly competitive. We won’t get to witness them play a big favorite on Friday, but we have no reservations about picking them to beat Isurus.

Even while Isurus are capable of pulling off a few shocks, it will be very difficult to do so against Saigon Buffalo, whose aggressive playstyle should shut down any team lesser than them. Despite the fact that kill handicaps may be difficult to estimate at the start of a fresh patch, we must go with Saigon Buffalo to cover the 8.5 line at OKBet Betting Tips.


  • DFM at $1.57 at OKBet | Chiefs at $2.25 at OKBet
  • When: 30 September 2022 | 18:00 CDT
  • Live Streaming: OKBet, Twitch

DetonatioN FocusMe and Chiefs Esports Club are two of the worst teams competing in the 2022 LoL World Championship, although neither is much worse than the other. And the only reason DetonatioN FocusMe is viewed as more powerful is because the public does not trust Chiefs ESC.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, have been fantastic this season and are perhaps one of the strongest LoL teams the Oceanic area has produced in recent years. And this is significant given Pentanet. performance GG’s in the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. Furthermore, Chiefs Esports Club are apparently doing very well in scrims and the Champions Queue, indicating that the LoL Circuit Oceania (LCO) champions would fare considerably better than projected.

Chiefs are a great bet to beat DetonatioN FocusMe as $2.25 underdogs with esports betting sites. They’ve looked unbeatable at home and are capable of causing some havoc in Mexico.

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