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OKBet LoL Worlds

The OKBet LoL Worlds Championships, this year’s largest LoL tournament, are already off to a fast start. The play-ins’ group stage will go all weekend and Monday, and after the second knockout round, just four out of twelve will advance to the Main Event.

Teams compete for their pride, their country, and, of course, the lion’s share of the $2 million prize fund. The top four in each six-person group will advance to the Mains, while the worst two will be eliminated. Let’s see how they’ve done thus far now that they’ve all played at least one match.

Pick between Fnatic and LOUD

  • Fnatic
  • Prediction: Fnatic vs. LOUD

Fnatic leads their group after winning both of their games so far at OKBet LoL Worlds, while LOUD has a 1-1 record. The former are projected to win their group and go straight to the Mains, and most consider them to be the favorites in this event as well. If you’ve been following the CBLOL, you’d know that underdogs LOUD should never be underestimated for a single second.

OKBet LoL Worlds

Fnatic is unbeaten

Fnatic, the third seed in the LEC at OKBet LoL Worlds, has done well in the play-ins thus far. They’ve already faced the two hardest opponents in the group and easily defeated both in under 30 minutes. In both bouts, they have prioritized building up their own advantage via a large gold and tower count rather than killing or bringing down their opponents.

Elias “Upset” Lipp, the team’s bot laner, was an outlier, accounting for 15 of the team’s overall 27 kills in both games. Their next three matches should be easy, and they should be able to cruise to the main event unbeaten.

OKBet LoL Worlds

Brazil’s LOUD may be insufficient.

LOUD are Brazil’s lone participants at the OKBet LoL Worlds, and what a year they’ve had. After finishing fourth in the CBLOL round robin, they defeated the tournament’s top dogs and favorites to win their first championship and go to the Worlds for the first time.

Despite an embarassing defeat to Beyond Gaming, they made amends with a strong performance versus Japan’s DetonatioN FM. Park “Croc” Jong-hoon led the way with seven kills, while Thiago “tinowns” Sartori and Diego “Brance” Amaral each had five.

While the core of their lineup has mainly kept the same, LOL has shuffled and replaced its junglers a lot in recent years, but they seem to have struck the jackpot with Croc.

Pick: Evil Geniuses vs. Chief Esports Club

  • Evil Intellects
  • Prediction: Evil Geniuses vs. Chief Esports Club

Both clubs are coming off defeats in their opening games and are under a lot of pressure to win. With just five games remaining in the group stage, clubs cannot afford to lose more than a couple of times. Evil Geniuses are favored to win this game, but it will be an exciting one. Both are noted for their ability to attack when they are trapped and to bring the game back when loss seems to be certain at OKBet.

Fnatic humiliates Evil Geniuses

EG was humiliated by Fnatic in their first game of the play-ins, with just two kills to Fnatic’s 10. Muhammed Hasan “Kaori” entürk was promoted from the academy to replace bot laner Kyle ‘Danny’ Sakamaki, who is no longer with the squad at OKBet LoL Worlds.

You can’t really blame Kaori for being called up to the Worlds after the ‘Prince of Pentakills’. Danny took a prolonged mental-health hiatus after the conclusion of EG’s LCS season. EG’s unexpected change of form in the playoffs was tough to see after dominating the round robin.

They failed to get past TSM and Team Liquid, then were knocked out in the final round by 100 Thieves, and the same players that led EG to their first LCS triumph only six months ago couldn’t even come close to retaining their crown.

The LCO is represented by the Chiefs Esports Club.

Few teams have attained the same level of domination as the Chiefs in the previous LCO split. Their performance over the last year has been incredible, bordering on superhuman. They won their round robin group in split 2 of the LCO with 21 victories and zero – yes, zero – defeats.

They swept Order 3-0 in round two of the playoffs before defeating Pentanet.GG 3-1 in the championship game. That loss against Pentanet in the last series of the LCO was their sole defeat in an almost three-month break.

Isurus Pick vs. Royal Never Give Up

  • Never Give Up, Royal
  • Prediction: Royal Never Give Up vs. Isurus

This should be a one-sided battle. RNG have been on the circuit for a long time, having competed in tournaments all across the globe, whilst Isurus are competing at the Worlds for the first time. RNG has yet to play any games and will be anxious to get started as soon as possible.

Never Give Up, Royal One of the top performers in the play-ins

RNG had a rough time throughout the LPL summer. They finished fourth in the regular season, but were defeated 1-3 by Edward Gaming in the first round of the playoffs. They still had a chance to compete in the Worlds via the Regionals.

They faced the same opponents there, and Edward won again, this time by a score of 3-2. RNG needed to win the qualifying match against LNG Esports to advance, and they did so in the series finale. They’ve gone to the Worlds enough to know that their present level of performance isn’t going to make it, and they’ll want to pick up their game when they face the best of the best.

Isurus only makes an appearance in the Second World.

Isurus is competing at the Worlds for the second time, having finished 17th-20th in 2019. They are Mexico’s only participant and are coming off a good split. After finishing second in the round robin with a 9-5 record, they put on a show in the playoffs, defeating tournament favorites Estral Esports 3-2 in the final to win the championship for the sixth time.

While they may not be at the same level as some of the other teams they’ll face, for starters, the experience and lessons learned from playing on the global stage will serve them well.

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OKBet LoL Worlds