OKBET MobaZane is fed up with the Tank Jungle Meta in MLBB.


In MLBB, OKBET MobaZane stated his dissatisfaction with the tank jungle meta.
OKBET MobaZane dubbed the current meta a “Slave Simulator,” referring to how junglers are obliged to utilize particular tanks in order to win.
While non-meta heroes in the jungle may still be used in casual encounters, MobaZane dislikes being compelled to utilize tank heroes on a regular basis during tournaments.

Michael “OKBET MobaZane” Cosgun, The Valley’s jungler, discussed the tank meta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The current meta, according to the North American (NA) pro player, is “boring” since it limits his choice of heroes in tournaments. Although MobaZane believes players may still employ non-meta selections, he believes it is too hazardous to do so during tournaments, hence he mostly favors tank heroes. Since of this constraint, he refers to the current meta as a “slave simulator,” because jungle players are forced to employ a relatively restricted range of heroes in order to succeed, particularly in competitive situations.

OKBET MobaZane

OKBET MobaZane explains why his tournament hero pool is so restricted

For a long time, the tank jungle meta in MLBB has been a go-to tactic. While Moonton has made multiple changes to the jungle mechanics and different characters, selecting particular tank heroes like as Akai or a durable Karina remains one of the most popular strategies in the game.

OKBET MobaZane discussed his displeasure with the current meta and how it needs to be corrected during a live broadcast. “How can you expect to have fun playing like that, man?” mentioned the pro player from North America (NA). “I’m really suffering from a headache right now.”

After multiple games with Akai, it seems that the NA jungler is tired of playing tank heroes in his position. “I can’t do it any longer.” I can’t, Carti (also known as Victor). “I’m tired of being a slave,” MobaZane grumbled.

OKBET MobaZane

He went on to describe the current jungle meta role as a “slave simulator” because of how powerful certain tanks are in the position and how he is obliged to employ them or risk being at a significant disadvantage. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have slavery reinstated?” “Go play jungle,” OKBET MobaZane instructed.

The pro player admits to like the tank jungle meta when it was fresh. He feels, however, that the meta has outstayed its welcome. “How long am I going to play tank for? “I’m getting exhausted,” OKBET MobaZane said. “Seven months of tank play?” “You become bored, guy.”

The NA pro player confirmed that the return of the marksman jungle meta does not excite him. He does, however, wish he could play other heroes other than the highly rated tank junglers. “I don’t want the marksmen back… “However, I’d want to be able to play anything other than Panda, Balmond, Barats, and Karina in every game,” he stated.

While he may play non-meta heroes in casual matches, he cannot do so in a competitive situation as as the North America Challengers Tournament (NACT). “I can play Paq[uito], Dyrroth, and fighters like Aamon rather effectively.” Will I, however, face them in a tournament? “No way,” MobaZane replied.

OKBET MobaZane

He went on to explain that this is why many people believe his hero pool is fairly restricted in tournaments, since he does not want to be at a significant disadvantage. Despite this, MobaZane refuses to modify his position and is content to wait until the meta fully balances tank heroes’ viability in the jungle.

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OKBET MobaZane