OKBet Southeast Asia | The Philippine rule setting an amazing new series audience record with MSC 2022.

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OKBet Southeast Asia

The largest Mobile Legends midseason competition has concluded in Malaysia. The greatest OKBet Southeast Asia teams competed at MSC 2022, and the championship match between teams from the Philippines and Indonesia, two of the discipline’s top areas, helped the event establish a new series viewing record.

MSC Results 2022

The MLBB OKBet Southeast Asia Cup’s competitors were the winners of the regional qualifications held in Thailand and Myanmar, as well as the champions of the regional MPL leagues in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center, which is situated in Kuala Lumpur, the nation’s capital, served as the tournament’s inaugural host city. The total prize money was $300,000.

OKBet Southeast Asia

In the competition’s finale at OKBet Southeast Asia, the winners of Indonesia (RRQ) and the Philippines (RSG PH) squared off. The first team advanced from the upper bracket to the grand final and was widely regarded as the clear favorite to win, but in the pivotal game, something utterly unexpected occurred: RSG left no opportunity for the opposition, winning the series with a score of 4:0. Eman “EMANN” Sangco, the gold laner for RSG PH, won the championship.

The audience’s interest in the tournament reached previously unheard-of levels. With the help of a sizable Indonesian fan following, the event was able to break a series record for concurrent viewers and rank among the top five finals in MLBB history.

Amount of viewers for MSC 2022

The tournament took place from June 11 to June 19, and the games were broadcast for a total of more than 73 hours. Nearly 35 million hours were spent watching broadcasts during this period, and 474K individuals on average watched each stream at OKBet Southeast Asia.

OKBet Southeast Asia

Only RRQ games, the most popular team in the competition, were included in the top five most watched matches. The team’s games against RSG PH attracted the most spectators. Over 2 million PeakViewers watched the upper bracket final, while over 2.8 million people watched the grand final at its highest point at OKBet Southeast Asia. No other MSC series event in the past has amassed this much.

The tournament has achieved other viewing records in addition to the series record, however. MSC 2022 was fourth among the top five most watched championships in MLBB history. Only the ninth season of MPL ID and the M2 and M3 world championships were shown above.

OKBet Southeast Asia

Recall that the Esports Charts agency served as the competition’s analytical partner. Our news section’s lead editor, Alexey Borisov, attended the event and will soon explain why Malaysia in particular needs to pay attention to it, why the Minister of Youth and Sports attended MSC, and how MLBB is transforming the lives of e-athletes in Southeast Asia. Join our social networks to never miss a breaking story!

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OKBet Southeast Asia